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Suicide Prevention

We make efforts to create a world where people respect life and
communicate with others in hope.

Suicide Prevantion

‘Don’t suffer alone, talk to someone'

Living in modern society, we experience a lot of conflicts in human relationships filled with worries and stresses. Stress and depression that we feel in our daily life can be relieved when we talk to close friends or family. It is helpful for your mental health to speak out your mind and think about it from the opposite side.

Otherwise, your deep-rooted negative emotions would make you distressed and frustrated. With such emotions sticking in your mind, it would be getting harder for you to stay calm and peaceful. If you keep feeling distress for a while and cannot dispel it by yourself, you should seek help from an expert as soon as possible.

As it is very difficult to overcome hardships on your own, OBOS Suicide Prevention Center helps those suffering from psychological distress, willing to commit suicide, or having a hard time after the death or suicide of their loved ones.

Suicide Prevantion

Do you know?

  • 25.6

    25.6 suicide cases per 100,000 people

  • 13,092

    Annual number of suicide cases

  • NO. 1

    Cause of death forteenagers

  • NO. 2

    Cause of death for those in their 40s and 50s

  • NO. 5

    Cause of death for the entire population

  • NO. 1

    Suicide rate OECD countries


OBOS Suicide Prevention Center, established in March, 2010, aims at doing a variety of activities to prevent suicide rampant in our society.

  • Suicide Prevention Campaign

    Suicide Prevention Campaign

    We carry out life respect and suicide prevention campaigns to raise awareness of as many people as possible on the importance of suicide prevention activities.

    For further information, you can visit our website at www.3079.or.kror facebook page at www.facebook.com/obos3079 or youtube at www.youtube.com/obos3079.

  • Education


    Suicide Prevention Education

  • Suicide-crisis Counseling & Gathering for Family Survivors of Suicide

    Suicide-crisis Counseling & Gathering for Family Survivors of Suicide

    We also provide those at the risk of committing suicide with counseling service and organize gatherings for those who lost their families due to suicide.