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Organ Donation Campaign

Organ donation is the last and most precious sharing that we can do when we die.

This is the sharing of a life that brings hope to patients suffering from pain.
At the moment, a number of patients lose their life or live in pain as they cannot find organ donors for them.
You are the one who can hold their hands and save their lives.

What is organ donation?

Organ donation, meaning that someone shares his or her organ as part of the body with those in need of organ transplant for nothing, is divided into two types: 'brain-death donation' and 'donation after death.'One brain-dead donor can save the lives of 8 patients and bring the light of the world to 2 visually impaired persons.

His or her organ can new life and new light to the following patients:

  • New life and new light to the people
  • Heart – 1 cardiac patient
  • Kidney – 2 chronic kidney disease patients
  • Liver – 2 liver disease patients
  • Lung – 1 lung disease patient
  • Pancreas – 1 pancreatic disease patient
  • Small intestine – 1 small intestine disease patient
  • Cornea – 2 visually impaired persons


If you would like to register your name as a would-be organ donor or have any inquiry regarding organ donation, please visit our website at www.obos3042.or.kr or Catholic Life Sharing Center located in Seoul - 1898 B1, Myeongdong Cathedral - between 10:00 and 19:00. (Open year-round)

※ Minors below the age 19 should send the signature legal representative as parents, and the documents (resident registration copy or family registration copy, etc.)
※ Organ donation registration application necessarily requires one’s own autography, please send the application via mail or FAX.