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Global Citizenship Education (GCED)

We do Global Citizenship Education to make a village of global citizens living altogether.

We carry out a variety of education program and activities such as training teenagers, supporting volunteer activities and youth network. Be with us, becoming a global citizen with global sensibility.

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What’s happening around the world?

Global Citizenship Education helps the youth to have a better understanding of global issues such as poverty, human rights, fair trade, gender, etc. We believe that young people can change the world as global citizens in the future.

GCED for Adolescents

We can make a change for a better world.

In schools and parishes under Archdiocese of Seoul, OBOS encourages teenagers to think about and speak up for our neighbors suffering from poverty, war, climate change and natural disaster. We are also trying to find out what we can do to make a better world with a variety of activities based on Catholic Social Teaching.

  • Apply for GCED Program (March, April)

    Fill out an application form and submit it to OBOS via email obos.caritasseoul@gmail.com.

  • Arrange Time Schedule and Topics for GCED Program

    We will contact you to fix a time schedule and topics to be covered.

  • Participate in GCED Program (April ~ November)

    Explore and discuss global issues with interesting and meaningful activities

Tiatnuri (On-site GCED Program for the youth)

Tiatnuri experiences global issues including poverty, water shortage, climate change, etc. and takes action against them together with the local community in Asian countries like Cambodia and Nepal It also tries as global citizens to understand cultural diversity and enhance global sensibility. We organize Tiatnuri program twice a year; the whole program is composed of an orientation, mutual learning sessions on global issues - once a week for a month - and two-week field experience.

Global Citizen Supporters (Follow-up program of Tiatnuri)

Even after the whole process of Tiatnuri including the field trip, OBOS encourages Tiatnuri members to keep track of and learn more about the global issues, find ways to fight against them, and take action in their everyday life. Through regular gatherings, they discuss global issues, study international documents like Declaration of Human Rights, and set a good example to other people by playing an important role in planting the seeds of change.